Our Process

We work closely with our borrowers and introducers and always strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

We aim to respond to enquiries the same day and certainly within 24 hours.

If we like your funding proposal we will talk this through with you and agree the basic structure of a loan and our requirements.

We always work from the position of “how can we make this happen”.

Having agreed the basic structure of your loan we will produce an offer. This outlines the key points of the loan and is known as the Provisional Secured Business Loan Agreement (PSBLA).

On the signing of the PSBLA by the borrower we will require payment of various fees as outlined in the agreement (PSBLA). On receipt of your payment, specific members of our legal and professional team are instructed. From this point we aim to complete your loan within 21 days.


To apply for funding call Bob on 07859 894595, 02392 594297 or Email bob@mfunding.co.uk